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Oct. 8th, 2007

grave, Old Man, annoyed


Still here...

And still have the domain. Kind of drifted away from Mushes... Second Life has soooo much more potential.    

Aug. 8th, 2005


More code updates!

(Yeah, I know, you're all bored by now, but I want everybody to know I'm still working.)

Activity-tracking and login monitor code are now working and involved. Data on the activity monitor isn't stored forever, but just the last 30 days, which I figure should be adequate for any reasonable purposes, and hopefully it won't be too hard on the database. If it starts making things lag, I'll pull it.

I've given up on trying to find an efficient way to store firelizards after their owners are gone, and am instead working on a way to automatically clean them off periodically, as well as a command to remove all of a player's firelizards when they're being idledested. Funny how they end up being more complicated than all the rest! Well, the DTU may get more complicated later, admittedly. Once I have the DB done, I'll be doing up the hatcher and a global puppet controller. And once that's done, I think we're set with all the necessities.

Jul. 31st, 2005


FL code update.

Okay, yes, it's taken this long, but I do now successfully have a function to perform partial matches for the FL database, so things will now be coming along much quicker. I'm still taking feature requests if anybody has any. Otherwise, this system is going to be entirely from scratch according to however I feel at the time. :)

Jul. 30th, 2005

coyote grin


Okay, the code is mostly done

I have 10 people here at least watching or part of this community.

I need you to get in touch with me.

It's time for policies and building, news. Stuff I need input on.

contact details in my lj, which is winterhart

Jul. 28th, 2005

Hairy Otter


Just a question

I forgot if we covered this or not, but how are we advertising? Compliments to obran for doing so much coding, and most of us have met each other in one way or another, but to make sure we're not it, how are we advertising to attract new players?

Jul. 19th, 2005


More updates and a question.

Currently going slowly through the process of updating +help with all the new code.

Just about everything's done now but finishing up the dragon parent... and firelizards.  So, my question is, I realize the old system had a separate hatcher and made firelizards virtual by default, and everything had to be added by the wizards by hand:  For the moment, is that how everyone would like to continue?  Are there any suggestions/requests in this area?

Jul. 12th, 2005


Tuesday's code update.

Betweening is largely done, and will now support custom messages for leaving/arriving, though there will obviously be a default if you don't feel like setting your own. Global destinations are currently not supported, will be adding that in later if there's really demand.

The dragon parent is started, though not yet completed. It's partly being written as the DTU is, where necessary; once that part is complete, I'll finish the rest of it.

The retroage command is done. For both humans and dragons. +Time is done. I even managed to get it to turn out to the same date as on the original. The time is slightly off, as are the seasons, probably. If anybody has a problem with that... then I'll be doing pretty well. I'm sure there will be bigger things to gripe over, in the long run. 21:21 in early winter versus 2:21 the next morning in late winter hardly seems like enough to worry over. Season-wise, I think the old one was using more Earthlike seasons, but the canon references I can find say that Turn's End falls at the beginning of winter, not the middle.

I had planned to switch us over to BrandyMail to be able to use the BorgComm extensions, but it looks as though BrandyMail is not compatible with the newest version of TinyMUSH. I will be looking into whether I can add those extensions to the mail system as it stands now.

Jul. 11th, 2005


Status Report

The DTU needs most of the channels and betweening.  Will probably get that done tonight.  It's going to be basic to start with, but then... so was the old one.  Major improvement:  'here' is now a valid target for projecting.  Dragon parent will probably be worked on tomorrow.
Most globals have been installed.  +Finger has a reduced number of default fields but will still read your &fingerlist exactly as before.
I'm trying to see if there's a publicly-available multi-page +info around someplace so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.  If anybody knows of one, let me know.
Aging for both humans and dragons should report an identical age to that which the character/dragon had on Silver Skies, though with a different format.  Need to finish a command to reverse the process to get birthsecs for people and hatchsecs for dragons.
Firelizards are on the list, but I haven't started them yet.  Feature requests here are welcome.
The familiar BorgComm and Myrddin's BBoard are both installed.  +Mail is a similar though slighlty different system.

Any other major code requests should be directed to me ASAP.  Or, for that matter, minor ones.  Contrary popular opinion, I have in fact volunteered to do more than knot admin. ;)


Jul. 9th, 2005

coyote grin


Can we sing out with alts, please?

If you *really* object, contact me.

But I'd like to match LiveJournal id's with names I recognize from the Mush.

I'm Kethry, A'mus, Karina, Melora.

Who are you?

Jul. 7th, 2005

Methos, Horseman, Pissed, Angry



I'd like those interested in continuing a game MODIFIED from SilverSkies, please contact me by IM

I'd like to have a meeting, on a Mush, on a IM chat, on IRC


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